Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Boutique/Craft show

I checked my email last night and was amazed to find an invitation to another Boutique! I felt completely honored to get this invite! It really does something for the confidence level for someone to seek you out and request your presence because they like your product! I've taken a few days off from painting to recover from the last show; however tonight I will begin working on more pieces.

On a side note, it seems my eyesight is getting a bit worse. I'm hoping that things will get better with that soon! I love painting so much and I would be devastated if I wasn't able to paint anymore!

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The Spirit Emerges

I started painting when I was a little girl. I didn't get really serious about it until I had a little girl of my own. At that time, I decided I wanted to give my family something of myself at Christmas, rather than always buying something. So, I made my Mom the "guinea pig". She received the first of my painted Santas. She loved them! Over the years, I started to include other family members...they have loved my work as well! They have inspired me to share my work with others...the result is this blog and soon my own website.

Painting Santas has been my favorite, but I have branched out to include Snowmen, Reindeer, Angels, and Ornaments. I'm working on some Halloween pieces and will have the pictures posted soon.

Check out my new website at!


Below are pieces I've done so far for Halloween...enjoy!

Again...if you want to own these little guys, email me at

Ghostly Pumpkins

Ghostly Pumpkins

Unpainted Bisque

Unpainted Bisque
Granny Angels

Eight Little Pumpkins

Ordering Information

If you see one of my pieces that you would like to own, please let me know. Since they are hand painted, they will be one of a kind. My email address for ordering information is Pricing varies, depending on the size of the piece and the details.

I will also have some unpainted bisque pictures posted soon. If you see one of those pieces you want painted or maybe want to paint yourself, just email me!